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10678641_1626640194225603_8398991786193968322_nOur 3rd Year Anniversary Nepal Fundraising event that is happening this Saturday, June 20 from 4-7 has had a great response in our North County Yoga Community. When we were casually looking for a musician, any musician, who would kindly donate their musical talents for free, we were astounded when DTO connected with us because he is kinda a big deal in the San Diego Yoga scene. DTO is a gifted musician that performs piano, guitar, and electronic music with yoga classes, workshops, corporate/public events, and weddings. He is kinda a big deal in the San Diego Yoga Through his music he soulfully heals and uplifts the human experience.He has co-created yoga + music with Cristi Christensen, Fig Newton Campbell, and Kino MacGregor.DTO released his iTunes debut with Grammy-nominated producer, StoneBridge. His full-length album, Nameless Energy, will be available summer 2015.

One of the best ways to experience epic music is by connecting the music to a Yoga practice. DTO will be live at Yoga Bound this Saturday, June 20th from 4-7p so you can hear this talented artist play while Kristina Kuzmich guides a compassionate Yoga flow, followed by sound bowls and chanting. Get ready for your heart to explode with amazingness.

We are so grateful for DTO Music and the generosity of all our community vendors. This is what life is about! Coming together, raising our vibration and offering our selfless service to uplift the planet of which we all are apart.

Click here to listen to DTO Music and get pumped up for Saturday


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