December 8, 2016

STAR in a Promo Video

Help spread the love by STARing in a promo video featuring you doing yoga to the soundtrack of Nameless Energy to showcase how the album compliments the graceful movement of yoga!

Here’s How:
• Record raw footage of you practicing your favorite yoga poses
– a 1 minute flow, or at least 3 minutes of takes for us to compose; minimum 1080p
• Submit footage in a Google Drive or Dropbox link to
• We’ll review it, edit it, add a song, send it to you to approve and post it on social media!

Prepare for STARdom with 10,000+ likes and lots of shares!

***Great News! as long as you live within a 100 mi radius of San Diego we can set up a time to come serve you by helping you shoot footage if you need!

Also, our team travels to the following locations annually and can schedule a time to record according to travel if you are located in:
San Francisco, Nashville, Bali, Ohio, Maui

If you’re interested please fill out the from below:

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