February 9, 2016

Video Services

In today’s social media world, your Instagram and Newsfeed is the primary means for spreading your message to the world.

It has been shown that engaging and converting your customers is more effective with quality video content.

Great news!  I offer a variety services from pre-event video teasers (45 seconds) for YouTube/Facebook to 15-second Instagram videos (Instagram has over 400 million active daily accounts).

My services already come included with infusing my inspirational music in which I provide a licensing agreement in the spirit of supporting each other to enhance our global marketing.  I will send you a draft of your customized branded video and images before we post on our social media.

See example videos:

Enjoy this video featuring my friends; @reeganlessie and Rob of @yoga80_ The song is Earth by DTO feat. Aja Lee @ajaleemusic 🌍 Read below about their upcoming #yogateachertraining program in 2016 ☀️🙏🏼🎶 ・・・ We believe in Freedom! Freedom which comes from having a “Personal Yoga Practice”. Create your own practice with proper knowledge of how to move into a yoga pose, what to do while you are holding that pose and how to exit the pose, safely and with proper alignment. This is what we teach at yoga80. Get the Freedom to practice yoga anywhere for yourself, like we did this morning overlooking the ocean. Then, when you really want to take your practice to the next level take our 200-Hour Teacher Training! 

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