The only New Year Resolution that Matters: To Love Ourselves Fully

How many resolutions did you set this New Year? Throughout the years, how many resolutions have you promised yourself you would reach only to look back to find them manifesting into nothing other than cobwebs and self deprecating disappointment? Yeah, me too and 92% of others out there according to Forbes.

We make a whole slew of resolutions from losing weight, making more money, to meeting that higher love partner. Let’s take a deeper look into what’s really underneath these goals. What common theme do they all share? Drumroll please… the relationship with OURSELVES.

This is huge, am I right? It’s not about shedding 5 pounds, the number in our bank account, or the dream partner. These are all external manifestations of our inner world, a projector screen into our souls.

It is about you! You, you, and more you! It is about how you feel living inside your body, it is about how you feel while you’re working to make that income, and it is about giving yourself the love you desire from a partner.

When we love our bodies, we lose weight. When we focus on the weight we want to shed, the tummy bump or the chicken wings, what do you think happens? They grow! Instead when we love these challenge areas, when we love our bodies without exception, our bodies shift. How do we do it?

  1. Shift your focus to the parts of your body you do love.
  2. With the part of your body you don’t yet love, begin cultivating acceptance for it exactly the way it is.
  3. When you have reached a place of acceptance, begin cultivating love.
  4. Create a body love mantra to say to yourself when you notice the self-deprecating body thoughts seeping in. Such as “ I love and accept my body fully,” or “ I am a beautiful, sexy Goddess!”

When we love our work, when we believe in the impact we are making, when we feel on purpose and are working from our divine flow, not only do the dollars roll in but the number in our account eventually becomes irrelevant. Success is a holistic 360-degree idea, rather than a singular focus on a silly number we call green paper. So if you are in a career that you don’t absolutely love, here are some questions to begin asking yourself. Inside the answers to these questions lies a pattern and a magic thread leading to your purposeful career. Here you go!:

  1. What do I love to do?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What do people regularly tell me I am good at?
  4. What do people regularly tell me I would be a great career for me?

When we love ourselves fully, and when we get crystal clear on the kind of partner we want to attract, the ideal partner appears. The clearer we get, and the more we show up as the version of ourselves who is a match to him/her coming through, the faster it happens. Here is a quick breakdown of the of manifesting an ideal partner:

  1. Get yourself into a loving and high vibrational state. My absolute favorite way to do this is through music, specifically to Nameless Energy by DTO. This divinely channeled yoga/meditation album has the primary intention of inspiring, uplifting and fueling the sacred union between mind body spirit. AKA it gets us in the frequency where we are able to fully manifest!
  2. Make a list of 25+ qualities you desire in your dream partner.
  3. Ask yourself, “who do I need to be in order to attract that person?” Then become that person out in the world.
  4. Give yourself all of the things you are requesting from that partner. For example, if you want a partner who sees you- start seeing yourself. If you want a partner who takes you out for romantic dinners- start taking yourself out for romantic dinners. This is how you become a vibrational match to them coming in.


The slim figure, the six figures, and the ideal partner are all possible, and in fact they are our birthright. However, first and foremost, we must love the bajesus out of ourselves. We must love our bodies just as they are, we must love ourselves enough to create work we love, and we must love ourselves enough to become our own ideal partners first.

Let’s say goodbye to the countless resolutions, and hello to JUST ONE: To love ourselves fully. From this place, and only from this place, we become abundant and our goals manifest like wildfire.


By Maggie Kay

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