Michael Fukumura Class with Live Music by DTO

Express the Enthusiasm of the Divine-Yoga Class with Live Music from DTO About Michael Fukumura – Michael’s yoga journey has been one filled with curiosity, exploration, and expansion – from the most traditional yoga to the more innovative forms of yoga practice and philosophy. He is know for insightful and clear teaching that threads precise[…]

DTO + Hemalayaa – Turn It Up! – Blacklight Edition

Experience yoga, dance and live music together for vibrational upleveling, optimal health and spiritual connection with yogi musician and music producer DTO of Buddha Music Group and internationally-renowned yoga teacher, dancer entertainer and soul-inspirer Hemalayaa! This class is inspiring, fun and opens up your creative center to a deeper spiritual experience of life. Hemalayaa incorporates[…]

How to Get Down with Glowing Yoga: DTO + Hemalayaa Turn It Up! Transformational Yoga Movement Experience

Ready to experience glowing yoga for yourself? Here’s two ways you can participate in all the fun, flow and glow with DTO + Hemalayaa Turn It Up! Transformational Yoga Movement Experience at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas on Aug. 19 or at three workshops during Southern California’s premier conscious festival, Bhakti Fest from Sept. 7-11[…]


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