Yoga + Live DTO Music with Maria!

Join us for a great Yoga & Live Music Class with Maria at Sculpt Fusion Yoga! Learn more about the studio: Learn more about DTO’s live music: Learn  more about Maria:

5Q Interview @kbaycock

5Q Interview @kbaycock! Tell me about your personal journey with yoga. Why is it important to you? Growing up I always jumped from activity to activity, I would get bored or didn’t feel truly passionate about what I was doing. That really changed for me when I found yoga. I’ve been practicing for almost 3[…]

What Soundtrack is Being Played on the Chords of your Heart?

From my wild college days of flipping my hair on the dance floor to today where ecstatic dance and soul music are my nutrients, music has always been a catalyst in my life for healing and activating. In my teenage and college years it was abused as a seeking agent, layered on top of a[…]

Sculpt Yoga class – Stephanie Strine

I’m teaming up with Stephanie Strine, a Marine Naval Officer AND yogini! I’ll bring the live music, and she’ll bring the awesome sculpt yoga moves! Read more about this awesome woman here:

The only New Year Resolution that Matters: To Love Ourselves Fully

How many resolutions did you set this New Year? Throughout the years, how many resolutions have you promised yourself you would reach only to look back to find them manifesting into nothing other than cobwebs and self deprecating disappointment? Yeah, me too and 92% of others out there according to Forbes. We make a whole[…]

5Q Interview @Stephanie_Strine

1.) Tell me about your personal journey with yoga. Why is it important to you? I started practicing yoga as I got more competitive with soccer in high school. My tight muscles needed some sort of release besides massage and similar to most yoga journeys, the delicate aspects of my life needed release as well[…]

Workshop for Yoga with Karen Wiggins and Alexandria Romero!

Want to experience an AWESOME flow and some cool live music!? Join me, Karen and Alexandria for a great time.   Here’s the basic overview of the yoga class… 75 minute flow 15 minute warm up: -Seated pranayama -seated warm up stretches -cat/cow -standing side bends 30 minute movement: -surya namaskara A -surya namaskara B[…]


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