Monday Mantra – Nov 27th – Dhanyavad

Monday Mantra for November 27th: Dhanyavad As we return from Thanksgiving weekend, it is important to keep the spirit of gratitude alive in our minds and hearts. Acknowledging and expressing moments of gratitude helps us to cultivate a deep sense of appreciation, connection, and meaning in life. Dhanyavad is a Sanskrit word which translates to “gratitude”;[…]

Monday Mantra – Nov. 13th – Sat-Nam

Monday Mantra for November 13th: As a common closing mantra to Kundalini yoga sessions around the world, “Sat-Nam” is a Gurmukhi Sikh phrase which roughly translates to “Truth is my Name”: Sat: Truth Nam: Identity or Name While most mantras we are familiar in the West are written in Sanskrit, Sat-Nam is unique in that[…]

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