DTO – Rise

Hello friends,

I am excited to share with you my new single, Rise.  The intention is to provide a refreshing soundscape for you to rise and smile.  This song is track 2 on my album, nameless energy.  Together we rise!

Guitar by Domo
Cello by Christine Cyr
Mastered by Alan Gúzman


Next Level DTO! ~ Johnny Good

Beautiful chill track perfect for an early morning or yoga practice, created by my friend, awesome musician, and exceptional person! Love it!!!! Keep on shining! ~ Kristin Davis

This song is beautiful ~ Rachael Fogg

Wow! Hypnotic track, DTO. Love it! ~ Akira Chan

You make Beautiful music! ~ Jennifer Varriano

This is some awesome music. Really relaxing, but upbeat. Would love to hear more like it. ~ Will Clements

Beautiful, beautiful song, Dave! Bravo to you, for bringing your music to life! ~ Carol Egan

I’m proud of you DTO, keep following your passion! ~ Bradley William Davie

Thank you Dave Kemp this is beautiful. I love it. ~ Kokomiki Somma Aakiiwa

Very beautiful and other-worldly sounding music you created.  ~ Holly Larson

Wow! It’s beautiful! I will gladly add this to one of my playlists!  Thank you for this sweet song gift. ~ 
Meg Tuazon

Nice melody ~ Jonathan Jaeger

Thank you! That was very enjoyable ~ Anne Fischer

Thank you for the gift of your beautiful music! ~ Laura Dasi

Thank you, Dave! Beautiful song! ~ Kriss-Lisbeth Brand



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