Oct 2. – Monday Mantra – Om Vajrapani Hum

Monday Mantra for October 2, 2017:


“Om Vajrapani Hum”


Vajrapani is an enlightened Buddhist deity, or Bodhisattva, who embodies the infinite energy of the liberated mind. Through recitation of the mantra “Om Vajrapani Hum”, one can learn to access the boundless and fiery energy which Vajrapani emits.

Along with Manjushri (embodiment of Wisdom), and Avalkitesvara (embodiment of Compassion), Vajrapani is one of the three original Bodhisattvas to surround the Buddha as a means of protection and guidance. Vajrapani surrounds a halo of flames, which symbolizes the powerful and intense transformation that occurs during spiritual awakening, and he holds a thunderbolt in his hand, which represents his swift ability to cut through delusion.

As mentioned in “Top 3 Favorite Mantras”, the word “mantra” has two main components: man, a Sanskrit word meaning mind, and tra, meaning instrument. Therefore, a mantra is an instrument of the mind. Mantras, which have been around for thousands of years, often take the shape of a word or syllable(s), the most famous of which is Aum / Om, or a series of words.

Use this mantra when you are seeking strength, empowerment, resilience, or when you need a replenishment of mental, physical, or spiritual energy.



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