June 1, 2015

Music Lessons in Solana Beach

As a Musician I’ve learned to follow my heart, and as a Music Teacher I’ve taught that an understanding of the fundamentals are essential when writing music.  I’ve been applying the knowledge I’ve gained from Piano and my own personal journey to give my students a strong foundation with proven techniques. This allows them to create a style of their own.

For a description of my piano lessons Check out this page.

Vinyasa at Solana Beach

I’m located in Solana Beach, Ca and I provide music lessons for all of San Diego. I specialize in teaching Piano and EDM production. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning these please give me a call and let’s chat it up. Often times people are scared to take the first step in learning to compose music, I know I was. Once I started learning I realized it’s much more difficult in my mind than it was in reality. So if you’ve been thinking about taking the first step please fill out my Contact form or give me a call: 858-254-0764