The Meaning and Magic of Mantra

The meaning of mantra has a wide range of definitions across many different beliefs systems, yet what resonates with me is the translation of it to “without mind;” a tool of thought that helps us get out of our heads, away from endless thoughts racing through, and into a state of concentration focused on one phrase or set of words that invoke a specific intention.

A mantra can be silently spoken, or said aloud, just once to relieve the mind and shift it in the moment, or may be used repeatedly during meditation to keep the mind present for the duration. Repeating a mantra several times allows the words resonance to move through the mind and body to subtly shift the awareness into the intention of what is being spoken. For instance, if one is in a state of distress they could simply say once “Om Shanti Om” (I am peace, I am) to remind themselves that they are a peaceful being in that moment and take their mind away from the stressful thought patterns and into a sense of calmness to then displace the stress and allow for more focused thoughts to proceed. Or if one meditates for 30 minutes repeating the same mantra for peace or listening to a song containing that mantra its repetition will vibrationally create a peaceful state within the mind and body and surround them in the energy of peace, as per its intention.

Sanskrit mantra is very powerful in that the Sanskrit language literally speaks the vibration of what is being said. So when saying “Shanti” (peace) you are not just saying “peace,” you are speaking the vibration of peace and actually creating it off your lips or energetically through your thoughts, thus, allowing Sanskrit mantra to become a very powerful and magical way of generating intention into your life.

Here, I used the example of the mantra “Om Shanti Om,” yet the same is true for all the amazingly powerful mantras out there. By developing a mantra practice, mantra meditation or simply listening to songs that contain mantra, you stimulate energetic healing, uplifting, and manifestation.

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