“Creating a bridge for opera and electronic music” by It’s My Side of Life

“Creating a bridge for opera and electronic music” (cross-post from It’s My Side of Life) by Melanie Burbage
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If you enjoy art and music you will really enjoy this!
Recently I came across a wonderful musician, his name is Dave Kemp, music producer known as, DTO . He is a gifted  musician that performs piano, guitar, and electronic music, performing for yoga classes, workshops, corporate/public events, and weddings.
Fascinating and amazing music if I do say so myself.Through his music he soulfully heals and uplifts the human experience. I enjoy playing them during yoga myself and can’t wait for the release of his new Album coming this summer, “Nameless Energy”. A preview of his music is below in the Piano composition, Flight.
Why am I sharing today? DTO has teamed up with Andrea Saenz, who have dedicated over 80 hours towards the production of the song Dolce Ardor the last two years and they are trying to create an Opera Music video, bringing to life the story behind the song.  DONATE and SHARE! DolceArdor.com


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