5Q Interview @San_Diego_Yoga

5Q Interview @ San_Diego_Yoga!

1.) Tell me about your personal journey with yoga. Why is it important to you?

Yoga is medicine: it is what I chose when I was anixious out of my mind and put on anti-depresants. It is the “pill” I pop now to keep my off the anit-depressants. I found it when I was desperate, and now I cherish it every day: It is not stretch pants and headstands: it is a life stye, something I do every second of my life: striving to be in the NOW grateful for the second that is the gift in which I get to live.

I thank the stars every day that the yoga has stood the test of time and has been passed down lifetime to lifetime and ended up in my life.

2.) When did you first begin teaching yoga? What made you transition into a leadership position?

I began teaching only about 6 years ago…the transition to leadership was without intention and happened immediately: I had an idea and that idea turned into this magical, peaceful protest of a movement: truly all I like to do is TEACH and be a spiritual activist: I never wanted to be a “leader” but we are ALL creators, and to be create something and to make change, we must LEAD. So I’ve come into this leadership roll truly because it was my destiny…and I’m working my hardest to lead from the only place that is real (a place that no business school can teach you): my heart.

3.) What makes your classes unique? 

I talk about the REAL stuff: the rawness…what’s in my heart and soul flows out of my mouth.i find the yoga class a place to be able to use the words that we feel deep in our soul and share them to have a transformative experience: we talk about life, we get real and we evolve…every-class…..you get a more than poses…you get TRUTH and the inspiration to live that truth.

I always add in all the elements and healing from everything my heart and soul feels too: every compoent of my class is purposeful: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you will be stretched and (en)lightened… I call on sound healing, reiki, plant medicine, crsytals, oracle cards, and invite these magical presenes into the class as well to support the healing process…

4.) How does music benefit your guidance in a yoga class?

Sound is everything. They say if you want to cure all aligments all you need is sound: sound is the highest medicine. Why? Well we are vibration: everything is vibration, so sound and music can be used to bring us back in TUNE with our lives, allowing us to VIBE where we need to be. Our lives are songs: we make music with our words, vibrations and actions….when we are out of alignmet, our song becomes flat or out of tune (depression/aniexty make our way) I’ve studied sound healing and use it every day: there are beats, rythms, sounds corelating with all things and the right HZ will bring you right back to PEACE or LOVE where you need to be and you can do this any time: just AUM. The sound of peace is literally in our throats..

5.) Tell me about your next event and where we can follow you online.

San Diego Yoga Festival!!! I’m Namastoked, and I’m doing EXTRA yoga just so I can sleep at night. This festival came to me in a meditation, I asked a friend and colleague of mine to assit me with it, and now it’s turn into the most exciting thing: 4 days of nonstop yoga and holistic healing classes in San Diego, on the beach, the pier, and sunset cliffs, along with indoors at the coolest areas: we’re having virtuallye very style of yoga and healing class you can think of plus more!!! Beach bonfires, drum circles, partner yoga with your DOG, skateboard and yoga, surf lessons….we are holding space for 1008 yogis, Jan 27-30. Classes are filling but spots are still left and you have to be there: it truly is a peaceful protest: people coming together to work on being healthy…I’m stoked for the classes I’ll be leading: in my one class we are literally marrying ourself: that’s right: you will get down on bended knee and propose to yourself (we’ll even have a kombucha toast after). The class and the festival is about commiting to the LOVE for the self. I sure hope you all come. It’s going to be epic:


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I’m not a manager, but I do run my own business: Yoga WIth Shawna (www.yogawithshawna.com). This business and SDYF have been such great YOGA TEACHERS to me: they remind me to come back to TRUTH, to stay pure, to meet EGO with heart: to see the abudnance and infinite limitless that is all things and to face all blockages within myself or my students with love. It’s the best damn “work out” of my life.
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