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Interview with Yogini Kelsey Aida!

1. My personal journey with yoga has been one of restoration and self-acceptance. I first started practicing yoga as a compliment to my dancing (I’ve been a dancer my whole life), but now it’s evolved into a part of my lifestyle. There’s no better feeling than getting on my mat and treating my body/mind/soul to some hardcore loving. Plus, it always brings me back to my center so I can be a better human off the mat.


2. I first began teaching yoga about a year ago, but I had been practicing it for about five years before that. I have a gift for simplifying and explaining things so I wanted to put that to good use by showing people how to find themselves through their body. I love showing people all the ways they can feel good and yoga is definitely one of the best ways around!

3. Not that long ago in my journey, I suffered from clinical depression for three long and miserable years. Affirmations (or “positive affirmations” I should say) were one of the tools that helped me heal myself, once I was ready to embrace life again.

I’ve grown to love affirmations so much because they are fun, simple, and effective; except for when they aren’t! Let me explain. When you affirm something like “I am amazing. Everything I touch turns to gold!” and you feel good when you say it, then that’s great! But when you try to affirm the same thing and it feels fake, then it’s not very helpful, is it? That’s why I wrote #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness.


I’ve created a new, fool-proof way to make affirmations actually work for people. Instead of trying to “fake it till you make it” like is commonly taught, I teach people how to feel it till they make it. It’s all about stepping into your power so you can win in all areas of your life (health, finances, relationships, confidence, you name it).

4. Music is a super important asset in my yoga practice! (Especially since the way I practice yoga is more of a dance than a sequence.) I love interpreting sound through motion. Always have, always will.

As far as writing goes, I actually need complete silence. Haha. I love music so much that it consumes me too easily and I won’t get anything done if I have it on!

5. In the next couple months, I’ll be doing some speaking and book signing events at various colleges and venues around San Diego. (Details are still to be announced.) You can buy my book #ActuallyICan: The Art of Affirming Yourself to Greatness at http://KelseyAida.com/newbook. It’s available as an ebook or softcover. You can also find it on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.


My username for pretty much everything online is @KelseyAida! I’m most active on Instagram and twitter. 🙂

Join my soul tribe at KelseyAida.com where every week I send my VIPs actionable inspiration to help them own their power and win at life. (I especially love showing people how to manifest their greatest desires and feel better more of the time.)

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