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First, tell us a little about yourself:

I am a Yoga teacher, energy artist, and creative mystic who dabbles in all things fun, inspiring, and artistic. I love photography, traveling, writing, and musing about the Universe.I specialize in travel, sports, and food photography. I am a certified Yoga teacher, trained in Kundalini technology, anusaura, ayurveda, Reiki, and have discovered wellness secrets in my own healing journey. I study astrology, sing, and enjoy walks at sunset, and swimming in the ocean. I believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and lived well. I believe in magic, and want to inspire you to live happy, healthy, loving, and free. It is in finding your own joy, and opening your heart, where you can live blissful and with enchantment daily.

1.) Tell me about your personal journey with yoga. Why is it important to you?

Yoga saved me. Literally. I suffered all sorts of health issues my entire life; allergies, scoliosis, chronic pain, digestive issues, IBS, asthma, etc. Western medicine never helped me, and actually made me sicker and even depressed at one point. I threw out the meds in High School and did my own searching for a solution to help me feel good.

I found Bikram Yoga in college and was hooked instantly. Never before had my body felt so open and for the first time I felt like I could breathe. The heat and poses dramatically helped my scoliosis and assisted me in my active lifestyle (I played club lacrosse in college). Yoga became my new cure, and eventually transitioned into a new way to cope with pain. No longer could I run out my problems. Instead, Yoga taught me to sit in them, confront my fear, and helped me get over my childhood scars. I didn’t know the weight and pain I was carrying until I undid the bandaid of the wound that was haunting me. That is where the real yoga began.

My journey took a new path in 2011 when I got laid off, and transitioned into teaching Yoga. As I learned more about the mind, body connection, Ayurveda, wellness, and more, I became hooked on self healing. I realized that I had big issues from my childhood abandonment, divorced parents, and a lot of abuse that happened in my younger years. I was determined to feel good, get happy, and cure my digestive and health issues. Little did I know, that in becoming a Yoga teacher, I would actually dive deep into my soul and find my dharma, and discover my purpose for being on this planet. Interestingly, astrology, ayurveda, and other yoga sciences synchronistically followed me around. I finally listened to the call and began my own quest to self discovery and self realization. In attempting to heal my physical issues and after some deep heartbreaks, I was intrigued with the art and science of Yoga, and the internal question of ‘who am I?” I am currently writing and creating many things about my discoveries and I am excited for my Aquarian vision that will ignite the world in more unity. I am full of future surprises!  The journey has been a truly mystical and surreal experience, and the people and experiences I’ve encountered have helped me believe in magic once more, and also helped me redefine who I am, and allowed me to grow into the person I was born to be. I am truly grateful for so many teachers, and to be able to share the gift of Yoga with the world, and what I’ve learned along the way!


I was fortunate to lead the CorePower Wellness Cleanse for a few years. After years of my own health and healing investigation, and trying to solve my own body issues, I did a lot of self study and research in the areas of health and wellness. My whole life I have been interested in sustainability and giving back, and saving the world. The ocean has always been my home, and I’ve cared deeply about environmental issues. After I saw some documentaries and learned about the state of our economy, what we eat, how we eat, and how we treat ourselves, I became very passionate in sharing mindfulness with others. I’ve found that health is your power. It is so important we all begin to take a stand, and understand what we are doing to ourselves, and our world, through our eating habits, and our own actions. I believe everyone, especially children, deserve the gift of health, natural good, and wellness. I strive to promote natural healing, and wellness modalities, and of course, share how Yoga can reform and cure everything. I am a wellness advocate and have decided to dedicate my life to helping humanity become educated about yoga, natural health, and how to keep our planet green and jolly. After all, we need more love, for ourselves, and for each other! 😉

The future generations of children being born are dramatically different than older generations. We can no longer live in a world where we ignore our food supply, or pretend like sustainability does not matter. The new kids need positive influences, and people who can help them stay healthy and happy naturally. I believe with more education, and in learning to be proactive and prevent disease through good habits, and self care, we can all change the world and improve it dramatically. I have a vision to share Yoga with the world. I know Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and learning about the body, is essential for our own evolution individually and collectively. Right now, more than ever, our world needs proactive people who want to contribute to world peace and help humanity live happy and free. Everyone needs yoga and an outlet and remedy to restore their own sanity, bring balance to their mind and body, and teach them how to remain peaceful and well.


2.) When did you first begin teaching yoga? What made you transition into a leadership position?
I never wanted to be a Yoga teacher, but the stars and universe aligned and I got laid off my advertising job and synchronistically decided to do Yoga TT as a way to learn more about Yoga and the poses. Ironically, when I was young, I had always wanted to be a teacher, and use to force my younger sister to play ‘school’ with me. (No coincidence there). I had amazing, spectacular, mentors in the Yoga training that helped me see a new side of myself in the training. I’ll never forget when my old coworker,who convinced me to do TT, after she decided to quit to be a yoga teacher and Mom, looked at me in TT and told me I’m a born teacher. Her words sunk in deep and hit me at my core. I was never the same since, and I had a new awakening to my own purpose in life. It was incredible. I also realized how much fun I was having teaching, and the joy it brought me.

After that Yoga and teaching were the only jobs that came my way and worked out. I was honored to join CorePower Yoga in 2012, and jumped into teacher trainings, bootcamps, and then was the San Diego Wellness Lead. I loved the community, students, and teaching about yogic concepts. I realized I loved helping people, sharing, and using my creative talents and music obsession to uniquely craft classes and inspire others. Of course, that was just the beginning of what would turn into a yoga obsession and long yoga journey 🙂


3.) What makes your classes unique?

No one can do what I do in a room. I bring my unique energy and uplifting charm and sparkly personality to every class I teach. Sometimes I talk about the cosmos and infuse astrology and ayurveda too. I am intuitive and have tremendous healing gifts, I like to share through words, adjustments, and within the class. I believe in showing up, and I know how important it is to students to make the most of their valuable time on the mat. I put together special playlists and craft different themed classes all the time. I focus on teaching well rounded classes that free the body, open the heart, and leave students feeling fabulous. I’m trained in anusaura principles of alignment, and utilize vedic teachings as well.

I’m not going to lie, but music is my obsession, and probably one of the best elements of my class. I always take too much time finding meaningful lyrics, good artists, new songs, and make playlists that help get you into the mood and enjoy the movement. I am a Reiki master and I am able to channel different energy, and move energy in the body.I integrate vinyasa movements, with Kundalini technology, breath work, and have the best music to give people a blissful experience.


I strive to be real, and show up, and always give my whole heart when I teach and speak. My motto is, ‘Say YES to You,’ and I love inspiring people to live with integrity on their mat and in their lives, and to always stay honest, kind, and loving toward all people. My yoga is designed to help people create peace, and live in alignment with love. I want to inspire people to be authentic, and help people live with more hope, meaning, and of course bliss in everyday living!
It is with unity, acceptance, and true compassion, we can collectively connect better, understand each other, and support each other in our own growth, dreams, and desires.

4.) How does music benefit your guidance in a yoga class?

Music is everything. It makes me, and the class, come alive. Music is magic. When you’re able to craft a stellar playlist, mixed with a groovy yoga flow, and good moves, you create a hypnotic experience. That is what draws people back to the mat daily. Music inspires us, guides us, and it is a powerful force, that when used properly, can have everlasting effects. The music always makes or breaks the class.

In my classes I mix between lyrical, instrumental, mantras, and also infuse my own sound healing. I do have my favorite artist that I love to play, however I always look for new songs, and try to play tunes other than what the radio is playing. I want my students to have an experience. Sometimes that may be more emotional, uplifting, or inspiring. I plan my classes carefully and to be honest, usually theme and craft them based on my own mood, and what I’m working through in life. Music helps us all be vulnerable and has the ability to put us into a different space. I use melodies, mantras, and different tunes to create the space, and allow people to have a blissful and soulful experience that helps them open their heart and live better.

Yoga has taught me that it is through the body we heal, grow, learn, and overcome. Music has always been my medicine, and has saved me. I had many low times in my life, and as a kid I did not like the reality I was forced to live in. Music was my saving grace. The ability to put on a happy tune, or hear an artist singing emotionally about the same issues I was dealing with, reminded me I’m not alone in my darkness. As a kid, with no happiness, no pleasant home, and no one to trust or love, you need that kind of energy and hope to help you get through. Music and some talented artists, helped me live, and have me motivation to keep going and know one day I’d find my own light at the end of the dark and lonely, sick, road. Songs, lyrics, singing, musical theatre, and sound healing, helped me heal, learn, and come out of the dark spell that once was casted. I believe we all can learn a lot from creative people, music, and the melodies we hear again and again. I wish we all could learn to live together happily, and embrace each other and inspire each other to follow our dreams and know that they all can come true.

If all of life is a song, why can’t we all enjoy it together and sing along with each other?


5.) Tell me about your next event and where we can follow you online.

Currently I am in big transition and working on many projects and writing!

I am taking some time to focus on my artistic projects, and am doing more photography.

I do online meditation challenges and in January I’m leading an online Wellness Program to help people reset and feel great for the new year!

Stay tuned for many updates in early 2017! I have some big announcements.

I am doing reiki healing sessions, and coaching people through my Astrology charts that help show people how to create positive changes, and help people understand their unique body, personality, and how to discover their gifts and talents. I also help guide people in wellness, weight loss, and teach people how to worry less and be happy and healthy daily!

You can view my website for updates, information about Reiki healing sessions, and sign up for my meditation challenge. I also do astrology wellness charts that help people unlock the magic found within, by getting to know themselves, their body, and who they are. 


Website: https://Kali-bliss.com

and www.kalibphotography.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kalibbliss

Instagram: kaliblissyogi

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