5Q Interview with David Lesinski

1. Tell me about your background as a school teacher and painter.

I was a special education school teacher for 12 1/2 years. For 10 years I taught kids with severe emotional impairment and for 2 1/2 years I taught kids with high functioning autism. I enjoyed my time as a teacher and love kids. I am especially proud of the fact that I created a holistic approach to teaching children going back as early as 2005. I taught the kids yoga daily and my classroom included aroma therapy, natural elements (water fountain, rocks, plants), color therapy, natural lighting, mantra music and much more. In 2007 I was honored as my school district’s teacher of the year.

2. When did you begin meditating and guiding others?

I began meditating in 2005 when I became a yoga instructor. since then I have been meditating daily, most days twice a day. I have learned and practiced many different forms of meditation from guided visualizations to Vipassana meditation. However, for 9 years now I have been practicing Heart Based Meditation which I feel has had the most significant and efficient impact on my life. I was a yoga teacher from 2005-2011 and during that time became an Ayurvedic practitioner. Since 2011 I’ve had a Ayurvedic wellness business that focuses on emotional wellness and spiritual healing. It was in 2011 that I began teaching people meditation on a regular basis.

3. How does meditation assist your artistic expression?

The key to my painting and poetry is keeping my vibe as high as possible. This includes daily yoga and meditation along with eating healthy, being in gratitude, and practicing a high-vibe lifestyle routine. This way of living is truly the gasoline for my artistic expression. When in the process of painting I often times just sit with the canvas, close my eyes and open up to my intuition. It is then that I begin to see the colors, shapes and designs and I start painting. Once the painting is complete I meditate alongside the painting and allow the poetry to flow through onto paper.

4. How does music play a role in your creative process?

Music plays a huge role in my creative process. Our bodies are basically fast moving sound wave particles playing a beautiful tune together which in turn creates the form and workings of our body! So listening to uplifting music before and during the painting process can be helpful to keep my internal song flowing as high as possible. At times, when painting and listening to music I actually find myself dancing and flowing my body along with the music. On days when my energy is low music can help create that high vibe and fun space to create in. Recently, I’ve enjoyed listening to Nameless Energy by DTO as a way of energetic inspiration.

5.  Where can we find you online and when is your next event?



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