Hemalayaa and DTO Turn it Up at Transformational Festivals

“So what’s the deal with these transformational festivals? Is it just a free pass to do drugs and have sex everywhere or is there an actual purpose underneath it all?” Asks the concerned mothers and resistant millennials to festival enthusiasts all over the globe. The answer is obvious once you step foot onto your first experience: these conscious playgrounds are a spiritual seekers paradise, modern schools for enlightenment, and a launchpad for anyone committed to becoming their best self.

There are many festivals out there with a focus on losing your mind, pressing the pause button on life, and escaping to an alternate reality (not to name names but rhymes with woachella). Transformational festivals are the complete opposite with a focus on finding your mind versus losing it, gaining tools and awareness for life versus pressing pause, and an emphasis on bringing this understanding back to the real world versus escaping from it.

There are infinite life changing opportunities at transformational festivals. From tantra workshops, new world panels, music performances, to synchronistic meetings with a stranger who drops the wisdom key you have been waiting for. Being a festival dweller myself for over half a decade, my favorite way to spend my time is letting out my wild child in an intentional way. I done this through the deserts of Burning Man, Lighting in a Bottle, Bhakti and Shakti Fest, Lucidity and several smaller festivals throughout California. Of the dozens I have been to, one of my favorite ways to go wild has been DTO + Hemalayaa: Turn it Up!

David Glenn Kemp (DTO) is a yogi, and yoga musician and has had an eclectic musical journey since birth.  Growing up with parent musicians, everything unified for him when he began his personal yoga practice in 2011. This awakening has now come into fruition years later with his newly released yoga/ meditation album, Nameless Energy.

Hemalayaa is an empowerment catalyst and yoga teacher through her personal infusion of movement, yoga, dance, and vocal exercises. Her unique modality of teaching has paved the pay for people all over the world from various levels of awakening to rapidly transform and enter into deep states of divine union.

In the collaboration of Dave Kemp’s heart centered music production and Hemalayaa’s movement and self expression facilitation, I was able to enter into an alternate reality! A place of radical expression and total unity, a balance between the yin and the yang in me and around me, a place to remember who I am and why I am here. These two beacons of light are reaching height on their own, bringing them together creates an experience full of ecstatic bliss.

You can catch Hemalayaa and DTO at Lighting in a Bottle, Emerge Yoga Festival, Enlightened Women Lifestyle Retreat, Wanderlust Hollywood Conference, Bhakti Fest and several yoga studios in the San Diego area.

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