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Meg Tuazon and DTO - Oils and Asanas AMPLIFIED1.) Tell me about your personal journey with yoga. Why is it important to you?

I was exposed to yoga as a kid while watching my mom as she began her practice during my parents separation when I was ten. I was an athlete, loved to move and had a deep connection to nature and the outdoors. The spiritual practice was already beginning with my connection to nature. It wasn’t until college until I fully got hooked to the asana practice (vinyasa). I took a teacher training, waited tables, saved up money to travel most parts of the world, and did it all over again, and again. Until I ‘thought’ I figured out my next steps for either grad school or MFT, I started teaching yoga full time to ‘figure it out.’ It wasn’t until I realized that teaching yoga was my purpose, helping people, making an impact on the world, and giving people tools for their health and wellness was my passion (through the outdoors, whole foods, movement, essential oils, and beyond).

2.) When did you first begin teaching yoga? What made you transition into a leadership position?

I first started teaching yoga in 2007. My roots were from Corepower Yoga and I have taken many different styles of training and healing modalities from: Yoga Therapy Rx, to reiki, essential oils, and many yoga projects through the years, such as owning my own studio and leading retreats abroad and local. After the nest studio, I created my own business, Summit to Sea Yoga and Retreats where I host adventure style yoga retreats, from the mountains to the ocean. Most of my retreats focus on getting outside in nature, exposure to rock climbing, yoga, the ocean, essential oils, and self discovery. My itch to create empowering retreats, programs, and experiences for people, mainly through the outdoors, has been my drive towards leadership.

3.) What makes your classes unique?Meg Tuazon and DTO - Oils and Asanas AMPLIFIED

My classes are unique as I enjoy blending in a creative sequence from many styles I admire. I share the use of essential oils and pair them with each posture, use healing techniques such as reiki, and give reminders for self love and compassion for oneself and others throughout the class.

4.) How does music benefit your guidance in a yoga class?

Music invites a rhythm of flow and creativity to ones practice and within my teaching. Music inspires creativity, freedom, and expression. Exposing our hearing to rhythms that can guide a practice with essential oils and movements to open our bodies are a next level of yoga bliss!

5.) Tell me about your next events and where we can follow you online.Meg Tuazon and DTO - Oils and Asanas AMPLIFIED

You can find me at: Insta: SummitToSeaYoga and FB: (same as above) and Meg Tuazon Shemai AND SummitToSeaYoga.com. My next event is Oils and Asanas: Amplified which will be a custom yoga flow, sequenced with the use essential oils AND music, orchestrated by DTO (woohoo!) at Mantra yoga and juice bar on Feb 26th from 7-830pm! I’m also hosting a Whole Life-Whole Being cleanse on February 22nd. It’s a three week virtual program (based out of the comfort of your own home and the outdoors.) This is a group that supports you in finding balance or gaining tools in all aspects of your life such as: Yoga, Breath/Meditation, Self Care Practices, Essential Oils, Community, Sustainable Responsibility, Getting in Nature, and Clean Eating and Juicing. My next Rock Climbing, Yoga, and Hiking retreat in Joshua tree is SOLD OUT but stay tuned for another! And women, keep your eyes peeled for an all inclusive (multi-generational) Women’s Empowering and Educational Retreat, Summer Solstice, June 17-22, hosted at Emerald Village.

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”-John Muir #nature #getoutside #yoga #breath @megtuazon

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