Huffington Post – Trip-Hop Opera Ensemble ‘Dolce Ardor’ Premieres in Los Angeles

The award-winning multimedia creation “Dolce Ardor” born from the minds of Dave “DTO” Kemp and Andrea Saenz is coming to Los Angeles on Saturday, December 3rd for a live performance followed by a Q&A with the cast and crew. This budding artform blends the timeless traditions of 18th century opera and regalia with the modern[…]

Nameless Energy Review on Reality Sandwich

Written by Sarah Jane Bucher for Keyframe-Entertainment / Evolver EDM Meet Down To Om. DTO is floating in this cosmic soup that is the universe, along with the rest of us. On a mission to create inspirational music, DTO wishes to raise the good vibrations and level you up a bit. A devout yogi, he[…]


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